Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi



Benjamin Haycock is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from the UK. He blends melodically percussive guitar, tight flows and thought-provoking rap lyrics and laces it with raw, emotive and powerful singing vocals. This is all interwoven to create a truly unique sound, with strong character which derives from his roots growing up in Birmingham.


Formally the songwriting front man to his own band called 'The Ben Haycock Band' which included instrumentation from the likes of 'Little Comet's' drummer Nathan Green and bass player Aldaine Brown. Benjamin led from the front as they performed at various venues such as The 02 Academy, The Institute and The Drum. Since moving South in 2016, he has wrote upwards of 40 songs, 6 of which are on his debut EP 'Time's Transgressions' which was released in February 2018. A few months later, Benjamin was invited by Fender for their 'Undiscovered Artist of 2018' in Shoreditch, London.

'This guy has it all going on. The incredible musicianship alone should be enough to draw you in, but Benjamin will also go on to prove he’s every bit as skillful, soulful, & passionate when it comes to his vocals as well.' 
- SleepingBagStudios