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10 Downing Street Performance and Workshop.

I performed and led workshops at 10 Downing Street!

I was invited alongside The Tree Council to deliver engaging sessions to young people at Number 10 using music, nature and technology.

'Voices of Nature' installation Soundscape.

I composed/produced the soundscape for The Tree Council's 'Voices for Nature' installation. This installation was built with technology from world renowned digital media company Squidsoup.


This has been exhibited at the NEC, Hampton Court Palace and Birmingham Botanic Gardens.

Performance with Rachel Gadsden at Birmingham Botanic Gardens.

I collaborated with the award-winning, critically acclaimed visual and performance artist Rachel Gadsden. She has exhibited and performed internationally and works across the mainstream and disability art sectors.

Our interpretive performance piece at Birmingham Botanic Gardens aimed to capture both the fragility and strength of life on planet earth.

Playing in Nashville, USA.

Playing shows in Nashville, USA was incredible! 🇺🇸🎙

Massive thanks to The Extreme Tour for getting us out there. We made some wonderful memories and met some amazing people. I look forward to touring with you guys in the near future, wherever in the world that may be!

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